3 Useful Ways to Clean Mildew

Mildew can grow anywhere and any time, so here are 6 tips for getting rid of the discoloration and musty odors caused by mildew.

1. Cleaning Mildew From Latex Painted Siding and Outdoor Brick
The best way to remove mildew from latex painted siding is to give the surface a good wash with a mix of a bit of detergent and 25 percent bleach in water. The bleach actually kills the mildew and the detergent is great at washing it off. Just soak the surface with the mix and let it rest for 5 minutes or so before rinsing. Always be sure to soak all plants in the area before and after when working with bleach and use protective gear to prevent irritation and chemical burns.

2. Getting Rid of a Musty Smelling Drain
Mildew can build up inside drains and pipes, so to prevent and remove it just pour baking soda down the drain with white vinegar to power foam and clear the drain. If done regularly, you should notice the smell start to fade and go away.

3. Musty Smelling Couch or Sofa
If you notice a musty odor that is typically a warning sign of mold or mildew. You can clean the outside upholstery, but the stuffing in the cushions is a different story. If after cleaning the outside you notice the same musty smell, try using a enzyme deodorizer on the cushions.

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