Sticky Tape, Labels, Applications and Other Adhesive Removal

Sometimes life happens and you find residue from a sticker, label or tape left on a surface after removal. Below you will tips for getting through those "sticky" situations. Just remember that whichever method you choose, test the solution on an inconspicuous part of the surface to be sure not to damage your property.

Washable Surfaces
For use on washable surfaces and paint, you can saturate a sponge or cloth in warm vinegar and rest on the sticker or label. Once completely saturated the sticky culprit should peel off fairly easily without causing damage.

Removing those non-slip appliques can be a pain so before trying anything, saturate a sponge and squeeze hot vinegar over the problem area. Vinegar in the bathroom can be your hero. Try it on price labels and other sticky materials if you need to remove them from glass, wood, and china.

Non Aluminum Metals and Glass
Moisten a cloth or paper towel pad with household use ammonia and apply to sticker or label. After about an hour or 2 try to slide the label free. If the pad dries out try dampening it again during the process. CAUTION: AMMONIA SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC.

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