A couple great tips for better sweeping and floor cleaning

Sweeping is hardly optional for those tight spaces on hard floors but it shouldn't be hard. With these tips, you can get your floors cleaner more effectively.

First and foremost, always clean from top down. This allows any leftover gunk or grime to get picked up by your broom after everything else has already been cleaned.

You won't believe it but there is a right broom for everything. Save yourself the trouble of sweeping and re-sweeping by purchasing an indoor fine bristle broom and an outdoor stiff bristle. This will allow you to get the smaller dirt particles found indoors and free up the dirt found in the nooks and crannies outside.

Storing brooms should be much like storing household cleaners. Always have a place for everything. When storing your broom, it is best to store it with the handle facing downwards to protect your broom's bristles.

Lastly, picking up those straggling dirt lines after sweeping into a dustpan can be as easy as finding the right one. Always try to get a dustpan that has a rubber edge. Doing this will allow you to get more of the dust in each swipe, limiting if not eliminating the leftover dust line altogether.

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