How to clean your kitchen more efficiently | Part 2

We are back at it! In Kitchen Cleaning Tips Pt 2, we are going to give you more ways to brighten up that kitchen, sanitize your food prep areas and freshen your disposals...

Grungy Sponge
By now it should be pretty common knowledge that sponges are one of the most notorious breeding areas for bacteria. The simplest way to disinfect your sponge is to give it a good wringing out and then toss in the microwave for about 60 seconds.

Dirty Disposal
If you notice an odor emanating from your disposal, try dropping a lemon wedge or two with ice cubes and salt in your disposal. This clever combination of cleaning agents can help deodorize and chip away built up gunk lodged in your disposal.

Paper Towels
Rather than continuously spending money on disposable paper towels, purchase a pack of microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths are reusable and perfect for sanitizing and cleaning a variety of services including floors, counters and glass. To clean just machine wash and hang dry, it is that easy. Say goodbye to piles of paper towels and say hello to savings.

That is all for this Kitchen Cleaning Tips series, be sure to let us know if you liked it so we can feature more articles on how to clean your kitchen quick and easy.

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