Important Facts About Keeping your Swimming Pool Clean this Summer

pH Level - The pH level of your pool measures the waters acidity. Maintaining a proper pH is key to keeping the water balanced in your pool. If the pH level is lower than 7.2 you should use sodium hypochlorite to raise it. if your pH is to high(above 7.6), use granular acid to bring it back down to a neutral level.

Chlorine - Another important factor in keeping your pool clean is keeping the chlorine level from dropping to low. The chlorine in your pool is responsible for killing bacteria, algae and most viruses. If your chlorine level is to low it is recommended to add a shock treatment. Remember not to enter the pool after a shock treatment until the chlorine level reads 1.0 - 3.0 PPM.

Calcium Hardness - The level of calcium in your pool will cause the water to be too hard or too soft. If the water is to hard it can raise the pH level and cause scale to form. To lower to level of calcium in your pool add sodium hexametaphosphate. Soft water can cause the vinyl liner to start cracking and the tile grout to start dissolving. Chloride dihydrate will solve the problem if your water is to soft.

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