Florida Lawn Care Tips

Keeping a plush green lawn in Florida can sometimes be tough, these tips should help make the job a little easier.

Aerating - You should only need to aerate your yard 1 - 2 times per year. Aerating a lawn is the easy task of poking small holes throughout your yard using a specific aerating tool. These small holes will allow water to have a place to drain.

Test Your Soil - Another important step in maintaining a healthy lawn is testing your soil. You will be testing the acidic content of the soil. If the levels are low then it is recommended to fertilize the lawn to bring up the acidic level of the soil. This will help promote growth in your yard.

Watering - One of the most important steps in properly maintaining your lawn is giving the right amount of water when it is needed. During the wet season it is important not to overwater your yard as this can cause your roots to rot. During the dry season it is just as important not to underwater, leading to large patches of brown grass.

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