Cleaning Tips for Lazy People: Part 1

We can all use a few short cuts when cleaning your home, especially if you work a lot and do not have the time, or you just hate cleaning. Here are some helpful tips to cut corners but still get great results!

1. Spray a no-scrub or no-wipe cleaner, like Tilex or Scrubbing Buubles Daily, on your shower/bath walls every time you bathe. That way you just spray and go and never have to touch it!

2. Another alternative is to keep a handled sponge filled with half dish soap and half white vinegar in your shower so you can scrub in between tasks or while conditioning your hair.

3. Instead of bar soap, switch to body wash so you don't get as much soap scum build-up.

4. Though sometimes considered feminine, boys, sit when you pee, this will help keep the bathroom MUCH cleaner.

5. Everytime you walk to a different part of your house, bring something with you to put away, even if its just one thing, that way you decrease the clutter and keep your home looking cleaner at all times.

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