Cleaning Tips for Lazy People: Part 4

We can all use a few short cuts when cleaning your home, especially if you work a lot and do not have the time, or you just hate cleaning. Here are some helpful tips to cut corners but still get great results!

16. Trade your strainer in for a colander lid/pot. You get 2 for 1, less dishes, less mess, less hassle!

17. Invest in a removable oven liner, this will prevent the need to clean your oven, saving you potentially HOURS of cleaning, especially if you bake all the time.

18. If you use a blender all the time, as I do, you know it can be a pain to take it apart and clean it. My favorite lazy way to clean it is to just put some dish soap and water in the blender, about half way, and turn it on for a bit. Then all you have to do is rinse.

19. Blinds can be difficult to clean, but if you use a dryer sheet, the dust sticks to it and greatly simplifies and lessens the cleaning process.

20. Clean during commercial breaks while watching TV. If you set yourself a goal, like put away 3-5 items each break, you will be suprised how quickly you can tidy up a room without even realizing it!

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