Tricks to Get Kids to Help Clean!

Make Cleaning a Game!

We all know children love to play games, so why not make cleaning a game too? Below are some simple game ideas:

1. Use painter's tape (or other easily removable tape) to make a square on your kitchen floor, then challenge your child to sweep all the dirt and crumbs inside. You can even set a timer to up the ante.

2. Role Play: Pretend to be maids or butlers, dress the part and pretend to clean-up after the "messy children that live in the house". Girls especially love to play Cinderella, so let her dress up like Cinderella and clean the house, you can even play the soundtrack and sing along with it!

3. If you have multiple children, assign each child a color, and time them picking up their assigned toys.

4. Challenge them: clean your bathroom and have your child(ren) clean theirs at the same time and see who can finish first!

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