Some Simple Do's and Don'ts of Laminate Floor Cleaning

Do: Invest in some rugs and doormats to place in high-traffic areas of your home to catch dirt, dust and water.

Do: Vacuum your laminate floors before you clean them, as long as your vacuum does not have a beater bar, or it can be turned off. Sweeping works well too, but can leave a lot of dust behind and can stir up in the air.

Do: You can use acetone, or nail polish remover with acetone in it, to remove tough spots such as oil, tar, paint, shoe polish, etc. Apply to a rag and scrub, then wipe clean with a damp cloth of distilled water.

Don't: Do not EVER use Ammonia or cleaning products with Ammonia in them to clean laminate floors. Over time, the Ammonia can remove the protective coating on the laminate.

Don't: Try not to wax or polish your laminate floors, it tends to wear off unevenly and causes the floors to look bad.

Don't: NEVER steam clean your laminate floors! Too much moisture and heat will damage the floor.

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