Sweeping Tips

You should always clean each room top to bottom, so that anything that falls to the floor while you are cleaning is scooped up last. Though it seems simple enough, there is actually a correct way to sweep.

First thing you want to do is make sure you pick the right broom. For sweeping indoors, choose a broom with finer bristles to pick up smaller dirt particles. For sweeping outdoors, pick a broom with stronger, stiffer bristles, which work better to clear porous surfaces.

When sweeping, you want to hold the broom like a canoe paddle: one hand at the top of the handle and the other about halfway down, towards the middle. Gently sweep from the outer edge of the room inward to be sure you do not miss any spots. Sweep the dirt to the center of the room where it is easy to pick it all up.

Make sure you have the proper dustpan. Reduce or eliminate that irritating line of dust that is most difficult to pick up by choosing a dustpan that has a rubber edge.

To protect the bristles, store brooms with the handle down.

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