How to Clean Your Glass Oven Door

Did you know that you can actually clean BETWEEN the glasses on your oven door? It seems impossible to get between that double-paned window where all kinds of grime and grease have accumulated over the years, but it is actually much easier than you may think!
Many people prefer to remove the oven door; did you even know you could do that? Just read your oven's manual or look it up online, removing the oven door should be very easy. The only issue is if you aren't super careful, you could risk breaking the glass. That is why I prefer this method:

What you will need:

1. A wire hanger, long paint stick, or something similar. (I prefer a wire hanger)
2. Windex wipes or other glass cleaner wipes. Some, like me, might prefer to soak a thin wash cloth in vinegar and use that.
3. A few rubber bands.

Step 1: Take out the oven drawer below the oven.

Step 2: Put together your cleaning apparatus. Straighten the wire hanger (if that is what you are using), then wrap the Windex wipe or washcloth around the end and secure tightly with the rubber bands.

Step 3: Look UNDER the door of your oven to locate the slots between the door and the glass. (If you are having trouble finding them, check online for the specific model of your oven).

Step 4: Gently slide your cleaning apparatus up through the slots. Try to clean mostly from side to side as you move upward, that way you will not risk dislocating the wipe or wash cloth from the hanger.

If your glass is very dirty, you may have to repeat the process until it is clean to your liking. Now enjoy your freshly clean, streak-free oven door!

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