Take the work out of cleaning that baked on greasy oven with this simple solution.

Would you like to take the work out of cleaning that baked on greasy oven?

If you like to cook than your oven has probably seen its share of messy greasy baked on food. Even if you only use your oven to heat up a pizza you probably still have the dreaded drips of food that eventually become so stuck on that you might think the only way you'll have a clean oven is if you buy a new one.

I have a simple trick that will add "clean the oven" to the "easy" chore list.

Simply fill a small bowl with ammonia and place on a cookie sheet in your COLD oven overnight.

The ammonia fumes will loosen up all the baked on grime and make it easy to wipe the walls and floor clean.

The ammonia fumes can be very strong especially if you have asthma so be careful when opening the oven in the morning. It might be a good idea to open a nearby window. You can also cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or face-mask.

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