Beat allergens in your home by controlling dust, mold, pollen and other contaminants that aggravate allergy symptoms.

Cover pillows and mattresses in dust-proof casings that do not allow dust mites and their waste products to get through.

Minimize the use of fabric in your home. Too many pillows, bedding, curtains, covered headboards and carpeting can contribute to allergy symptoms due to accumulation of dust.

Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum filter to prevent blowing tiny dust particles back into the air when vacuuming. Change the filter often so that it performs optimally, it will preserve the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Change your AC/Heating Filter on a regular schedule to improve the air quality in your home.

Run an exhaust fan or open a window in bathrooms to dry up moisture and prevent the growth of mold. Mold can cause serious health issues and should be prevented whenever possible.

Locate the source of musty odors. Remove the mold and fix any issues that may cause mold to grow back.

Keep Gutters clean and Leak free. Blocked and leaky gutters can cause build up of moisture that can enter your basement or crawl space, a great environment for mold to grow.
If you have severe allergies, be careful to avoid plants that are high in pollen. There are many plants that will not flare up your allergies. Ask your local garden center for plants that are best suited for you.

Follow these suggestions and you are sure to see a reduction in symptoms related to these types of allergens.

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