Use these simple tips to make chores fun and you'll wonder where the time went.

Most of us dislike doing chores and for some that's an understatement. Rather than dreading chores, here are some things you can do to make chores fun.

Work as a team. Doing chores while other household members relax is no fun at all. Schedule chore time when everyone is available to pitch in. Many hands make light work and working as a group will make it easier to stay motivated and get the job done quickly.

If kids are involved it might be helpful to set a timer and make it into a competition of who can beat the clock. This will also speed up the process as each of you hurry to get the fastest time.

Music can set the pace and lighten the mood. Dance through your chore work sing along it makes the time go faster. Be sure to let everyone have a turn choosing the music and try to pick songs that work to get everyone moving.

Take breaks in between chores and when the work is all done be sure to celebrate with some type of reward. With these hot days we've been having ice cream might be a good choice.

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