Bacteria May Be Hiding In Your Kitchen

When creating a healthy home the room that carries the most bacteria is not your bathroom, it's your kitchen. In fact most kitchen sinks have more bacteria than the toilet seat!

There are disinfectant products available that will kill bacteria when used as directed. If you prefer, you can disinfect your sink with a few products you probably have on hand. First wash your sink using soap and water and then spray the surface with white vinegar. After it dries finish disinfecting by spraying with hydrogen peroxide, allow to air dry.

While you're at it you can get rid of garbage disposal odors by dropping three items down the disposal, a quartered lemon, ice cubes and salt. The lemon gives a fresh clean smell while the ice cubes and salt work to clean away any build up.

Two other bacteria ridden items are your sponge and dish cloths. It is recommended that you replace your dish towel and sponge daily to avoid spreading germs. These items can be laundered regularly. Your sponge can be sanitized by microwaving it on high for one minute.

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