Control Your Cat's Litter Box

There is no doubt that cat lovers adore their furry little friends like they were family. They're goofy, like to cuddle, and are able to cheer you up on gloomier days. However, every cat owner knows that litter boxes can be stinky and messy!

Here are a few quick tips on how to get your cat's litter box under control:

Put the litter box somewhere that people will not generally see.

Use a natural litter. Store bought litters can be nasty chemical additives that are extremely toxic to your feline friend and unsanitary for you. Natural cat litters without all of the additives don't give that gross masking scent, and they also clump better.

Clean the litter box daily. It may seem harmless to clean it only once a week, but do you really want to clean all of your cat's business up all at once? This not only makes it smell worse, but makes it more work to clean.

Buy a new litter box for kitty at least one time a year.

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