How to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh

What you'll need

Soapy water
Vacuum Bags
Baking Soda
Paper Towels
Orange peel/Dryer Sheet
Ground Potpourri
Vanilla Extract or Ground Cinnamon

If your vacuum uses bags, first change the bag, stinky bags are usually the culprit. If your vacuum is a bag-less model, empty the canister and use soapy water to clean the filter. Be sure to let filter dry completely before reassembling. If vacuum still has an odor, disassemble parts and check for blockages (if you have a pets, pet hair may be creating the blockage). Next, you could mix a solution of water and baking soda. Clean the vacuums hose and filters, and canister and rinse with water. Dry metal or plastic parts with a clean cloth. For a fresh scent when you vacuum you can put a dryer sheet directly into the canister or into the vacuum bag hole where the bag attaches to the vacuum. You could also use an orange peel or sprinkle ground cinnamon or potpourri directly onto the floor and vacuum as usual. Any option will add a fresh scent to your home, through your vacuum!

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