How to Make Cleaning More Enjoyable

I hear this all the time, "I hate cleaning my house! It feels like a full time job."

I too struggle with procrastinating when it comes to my own home, but I have a tip for you that might help.

Spend the money on fun or fashionable cleaning products. I have found that if I like the tools or accessories I am using, I tend to use them more!

I will give you a couple examples.

Rubber gloves
I used to use the standard yellow rubber gloves when cleaning, until I found designer gloves. I find that when I like my gloves, I don't mind wearing them. It is even fun to choose the gloves that match my outfit. It is just one small thing I did to make cleaning more enjoyable.

Another example is my dust pan and broom.
I hate holding a dust pan and sweeping into it. I don't know why, but it repulses me. So I found this great dust pan that can be set on the floor and held in place by my foot. Problem solved! It's expecially helpful for those of you with small children, who sweep up after every meal.
Again, this $5.99 purchase didn't change my life, it just made it that much easier to get through my chores!

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