7 Ways to get rid of Dust in your Home

Dust Allergies are such a nuisance, and can cause similar symptoms to pollen allergies including sneezing, a stuffy, itchy, runny nose. Also causes watery, itchy red eyes. Here are a few tips to send those dust bunnies packing!

Be sure to use the right vacuum. I always recommend a vacuum with a powerful agitator for best results. One that has the option to turn the agitator on or off If you will be using it for any other type of floor besides carpet.

Frequently change your air filter. There are two options when it comes to air filters, one is a bit pricey but worth it if you or someone in your home suffers from severe dust allergies. First option, is changing out your basic filter and replacing it about once a month with a hypoallergenic filter. Next you could spend a bit more and hire a professional to connect electrostatic filter to your ductwork.

Cleaning Supplies Matter.

Use a type of cloth the attracts and hold dust, like microfiber cloth or a wet cloth as opposed to something dry or a feather duster, these spread dust around and leave it in the air rather than capturing it. Also take any carpet outside or cushions and give them a good beating, they are dust sponges.

Another good way to keep dust to a minimum is to Clean and Organize your closets.

A great habit to get into is to change

Lastly, wash your bedding/change your bedding once a week.

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