Tips on How to Keep the Inside of your Car Clean

A lot of people I know, have a hard time keeping their cars clean. We're talking about Inside of the car here, after some trial and error I've been able to stick to a few good pointers on keeping the inside of my car clean, clutter free and smelling fresh.

Firstly, keep a bag or some type of container in your car for garbage, so it doesn't just get thrown on the passenger side floorboards. I find that if garbage has accumulated in your car and you don't have the time to do a complete cleaning, take a few trash items out every time you get out of the car. This is a practice that you can continue to use to help keep your car tidy. Again, that's every time you get out of your car, take something with you to throw out.

Here's another activity that can accumulate a lot of garbage in your car. Eating! It's best to eat at home, or wherever you are before getting in your car. Because unless your vigilant in throwing away the wrappers, they will be staying in your car. These few simple steps have drastically improved the cleanliness of my car.

Lastly, one extra thing to do to keep the floors clean is for you and your passengers to knock your shoes together before getting in. Depending on what you've been walking through, there can be all types of dirt and debris on the bottom of your shoes.

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