How to Clean out your Refrigerator

Refrigerators can get messy which can lead to a not so fresh smell hitting your nose as you open the door. Here are a few tips on cleaning and more importantly keeping the refrigerator cleaner longer.

To do a good initial cleaning, take everything out of the fridge and wipe every single surface possible. Something like glass cleaner will be sufficient, however if you're not keen on the chemicals you can make you own cleaning solution with white vinegar and water. Or you can use a mixture of water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Of course, throw away anything that is past the expiry date. Wipe all shelves, the door compartments, even the top of the fridge. Before you put everything back in make sure anything with a lid is completely sealed and clean all of the lids of any juice or condiments that have dripped to the outside of the bottle. This is also something you can do regularly to keep all those type of items clean. Make sure bottles, jars and lids are all wiped clean before going back in the fridge. If any spills occur, wipe up immediately, it will be much easier to wipe up when as it happens compared to a day or few hours when the liquid has had time to harden.

Lastly, before placing anything in the fridge that has the potential to leak like meat that's being defrosted or packages with berries, place on top of a rimmed plate. These few tips should keep your fridge looking clean and smelling fresh.

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