Tips for Getting and Keeping the Garage Organized

Cleaning out and organizing the garage may seem like a daunting task, but have no fear. Below are a few tried and true tips that have helped people get organized and more importantly stay organized. Garages can easily collect an overwhelming number of things we don't use anymore or don't have any space for inside the house.

Here are a few tips on how to get your garage organized.

Take an inventory of everything you have in the garage and make some decisions on what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate. If you haven't used something in years and have no plans to use it in the next month or so, toss it. A good rule of thumb for donating an item is first asking yourself if by donating the item as opposed to throwing it out, could it be used safely by another person. If so, start a pile of items to donate. Sorting through and getting rid of clutter feels fantastic!

Take everything out of the garage, then reorganize. If possible, this will help tremendously with the re-organizing aspect of the job because when you are able to see a big open space, you can decide which area to use for certain items, when putting all of your items back into the garage put like items together, so they can be easily found.

Use ceiling space and vertical space. Hanging things on the walls or from the ceilings will be a huge space saver and really open up the floor space.

One of the most important things about cleaning and organization, is keeping it that way. It's so easy to dedicate our precious time and effort into making an area really shine, and then a few weeks or even month later it's a mess again and we need to put more time and effort. If we just take a few min, each time we are in that room or garage for example putting things back where they belong and find a place for everything, it will stay clean and organized and we won't have to set aside hours or days anymore for more cleaning!

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