Keep Clothes Clean by Removing Stains on the Go

Have you ever been on a date or eating before work and gotten a stain on your pants or shirt, that you need gone right away? Look no further, below are a few items that you have access to that may be right on your table or in your purse!

Hand Sanitizer Surprised? Most are when they realize that a gel they carry around with them probably daily is a great little stain fighter, because of its high alcohol content. Before you try this be sure it isn't one of the solutions that has an added moisturizer, that may make the stain worse, also dab they area with a few drops of water after using the sanitizer.

Lemons This is an old life hack most people are aware of, in case you haven't heard though lemon works great especially when used with a drop of salt for some scrubbing action. Follow this with a light rinse of water.

Bread Yes, in a jam you can use white bread to lighten a stain. Remove any crust and bunch up the bread and scrub away. You even get a snack after. Just Kidding!

Club Soda is another stain fighter that many are familiar with, and for good reason. Many swear by this solution. There is a combination of acidity, and carbonation that gets the job done for countless stains in a pinch.

So next time you are on the way to the office or on a date, fear not. There are options for quick simple stain removal or lightening in a pinch.

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