Tips and Daily Habits to Keep a Bedroom Clean

Whether it is in the beginning of the day, or after a long day of work, most of us can agree, it doesn't feel good to wake up in or walk into a clutter filled bedroom.

Here are you few simple pointers to remember to get the bedroom tidy and more importantly to keep it that way.
Here are a few tips to keep our bedroom looking its best between major cleanings.

First off, if you have any carpeting or area rugs in the room, vacuum those often to keep dust, dirt and if you have pets (pet dander/fur) to a minimum.

Open the windows as much as possible to allow fresh air in.

Wash the bedding at least every other week, some like to wash their bedding once a week. For an extra fresh scent or a relaxing vibe add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the final cycle of the load of sheets or comforter.

Lastly, an important tip that can sometimes be the biggest culprit of an untidy room is clothes lying around. Sometimes after a long day or after doing a load of laundry, it is easier to just leave a pile on the floor, dresser, bedside table, etc. This habit though can quickly add clutter to the room. Take those extra one to five minutes and either put the dirty clothes in the hamper or the clean clothes in the closet, you'll be glad you did.

Following these tips has helped tremendously in keeping my bedroom looking and smelling its best, hopefully they can do the same for you!

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