10 Odd Cleaning Tricks and Tips that Work

We've all heard those strange cleaning tips and hacks that people swear by, some work and some don't. Keep reading for tried and true weird cleaning tips that work.

1. Clean your Iron with Salt.
- That's right, salt. All you have to do is put some down on the ironing board, heat the iron up to medium heat and run iron over. Dirt, or residue will come off leaving a sparkly shine.

2. Don't have a scour pad for dirty dishes? Don't fret!
-Grab a dryer sheet as long as its biodegradable and non-toxic your good to go. In combination with hot water, this is sure way to remove food particles that got baked on and left behind.

3. Use your Dishwasher for more than dishes.
- Who knew that you can actually stick a number of other things in the dishwasher to get them clean. This odd list includes: toys, baseball hats, kitchen brushes, window screens, hairbrushes and combs, switch plates and outlet covers, refrigerator shelves and drawers, garden tools, trash can lids and sporting equipment.

4. Remove finger prints with baby oil
- Tired of finger prints on your stainless steel appliances? A solution is to dab a very small amount of baby oil onto a cloth and buff the surface in a circular motion to remove the finger prints, works like a charm, with no streaking.

5. One of my favorite tips is for dusting is this. Instead of messing with cloths and cleaning solution just use your lint roller. You can use this convenient little tool on a number of items including window sills, lamp shades, and even sofas. Anywhere that accumulates dust that the lint roller can move over the surface of easily.

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