Getting Pesky Grass Stains Out of Kids Clothes

Our kids spent the entire summer and fall playing outside, there is bound to be a few grass stains set in their clothing.
Here are some tips on removing those tough grass stains.

Grass stains typically will set into clothing quickly, so the sooner you can remove the stain the easier it will be to remove.

Here are two ways to help remove the stain.

If you are using a regular laundry detergent, one that contains enzymes and bleach is your best choice. Detergents with bleach are great for grass stain removal.

Knock off any debris from dirt or grass left on the clothing

Put detergent directly onto stain on clothing

Rub the detergent into the clothing and allow to sit for 10-20 min

Wash article of clothing as normal

Let air dry to ensure stain is completely out, if stain is not completely removed and the article of clothing s thrown in the dryer, the stain will set in and it will be near impossible to get the stain out.

Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide.

This is a great method as long as it is being used on a light colored piece of clothing.

You will need cup of water, cup bleach and cup peroxide.

Put solution directly onto the stain and rub into the clothing, allow to sit for 25 minutes to an hour.

Be sure to rinse thoroughly before washing as normal.

Hope this stain fighting tips help leave your kids clothes looking there best.

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