How to get the Kitchen Clean in a Hurry

Sometimes you need to clean in a hurry! It happens to the best of us, either you are given extremely short notice guests will be arriving or you were bust and just put it off. Not to worry, next time you're facing a cleaning time crunch you know by the time your guests arrive, the kitchen will be clean!
First step is to tackle the dishes, you can load them into the dishwasher. Once the sink is empty fill up with hot water and add a small amount of soap.
Next step is to clear the countertops. Once counters are clear you can start to wipe down EVERYTHING, with a sponge or cloth and use the hot soapy water in the sink. Dunk the cloth in and squeeze out an excess. Whatever you are wiping clean always start from the top and work your way to the bottom.
As you go along, rinse the sponge periodically, you will be able to see the amount of dirt you are cleaning by seeing the color of the water change! You may be surprised, items in the kitchen collect a lot of grease and grime quicker than expected. This is especially true if you do a lot of cooking!
The last step is to clean the floor. If time permits, you can sweep quickly, and if not its ok in a pinch to just mop up. I am a big fan of using a Swiffer, when time is an issue. Voila! Your guests will be arriving shortly and you can rest assured knowing the kitchen isn't a mess.

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