3 Tips for Easy Vacuuming equals cleaner floors

Vacuuming can be one of your least favorite ‘chores'. There is no way around having to vacuum, however, these brief tips will help you along your way…Keep Calm and Clean on!

1. Leave shoes by the door – If you don't already practice this in your household, now may be the time to start. The bottom of shoes is a host to millions of germs including dirt, grease, dust, allergens, chemicals, etc. All of these compounds are being tracked through your house and left on your floors and carpets, only to make more work for you and your vacuum later. Not to mention the gross factor!

2. Bags vs. Bag-less – Bag-less vacuums have been a trend for years, but vacuums with disposable bags are a much better choice and really serve as a secure barrier between the contents inside, and the clean surfaces and air in your home.

3. Pick up small items – Before you vacuum, scan the room(s) for large and small items on the floor. This will save you not only time but also comfort so you don't have to bend over half a dozen times to pick items up from the floor as you vacuum.

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