Deep Cleaning your Bedroom Sheets and Pillows - Part 2

Part two of the detoxing your bedroom series will focus on offering a few tips for cleaning your sheets and pillows. To keep germs and dust mites at bay it is important to wash your sheets at least once a month. If you happen to suffer from allergies then its best to wash your sheets every two weeks, and once a week for severe allergies. When you go to wash your sheets don't forget about ALL of your bedding, this includes: blankets, duvets, pillow cases and mattress covers. Plus, whatever other blanket type materials you sleep with or keep on your bed.

Pillows Cleaning your pillows is an important step in detoxing the bedroom, you sleep 7-8 hours on your pillow, and it is in that same place that dust mites, dead skin cells and allergens collect. Most pillows can be put right in the washing machine, but first be sure to check the tag first. Put two pillows at a time in the washing machine so the drum on the inside does not become off balance, also adjust the settings to allow for an extra rinse cycle. Once out of the washing machine, run on a low heat dryer setting or follow manufacturer instructions.

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