A Safer Alternative: Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

So many people I hear from are looking to turn to safer alternatives to cleaning chemicals they use in their homes. Most often the desire to switch is due to a new addition to the family like a new baby or pet. Storing hazardous cleaning chemicals in your home is sometimes a hassle.

If you looked online for toilet bowl cleaner recipes there are tons out there! Here is a simple alternative to the common store-bought toilet bowl cleaner, filled with toxic chemicals. The recipe I go over is one I've seen work, and has worked for numerous friends of mine, it is good at getting rid of the unsightly rings that can form around the toilet.

What you'll need:

1. An empty squeeze-bottle
2. 1 cup white vinegar
3. ¾ cup borax
4. 5 drops of lemon essential oil
5. 10 drops of either lavender or tea tree oil
(which ever you prefer, both are delightful)

After ingredients are combined, clean toilet bowl as you normally would but let sit a considerably longer time, a few hours…if the toilet bowl has A lot of staining let the mixture sit overnight as long as you have multiple bathrooms.

Enjoy your clean toilet knowing you are sparing your family a few chemicals they can do without, you may even find a hidden hobby in making your own cleaner!

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