Skip the Chemicals and Use a Steam Cleaner on Your Windows

Steam cleaning is a great alternative way to clean where you can avoid using harsh chemicals. A great option especially if you have children or pets in the home. The vapors from the steam will remove, dirt, fingerprints and grease from your windows. Along with sanitizing and killing common household germs if you want to give it a try on any other surfaces in your home.

What You'll Need:

1.Dry microfiber cloths
3.Steam Cleaning Machine

Follow the directions from the manufacturer on filling your steam cleaners tank with water. Various manufacturers instructions will vary slightly. When the machine is ready to go just run the handheld attachment from left to right and top to bottom, do this slowly and evenly to ensure all the dirt and oil is removed from the windows and they get sanitized. After the window is covered in steam, wipe until dry with your microfiber cloth. Most steam cleaners come with a squeegee attachment as well, this is a great tool to assist you in cleaning the window. When using the squeegee, the method is the same except you will want to run the attachment vertically starting on the left side and use the squeegee as you go along.

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Person cleaning a window with a green spray bottle and yellow rag