5 Cleaning Uses for Old Tea Bags

Here are 5 Clever uses that utilize used Teabags for a Natural and thrifty way to clean your home.

Super Soak Dishes

Did you know that you can get rid of greasy, caked-on food residue on baking sheets and pans by soaking them in hot water and used tea bags? Well, you can! You only need a few tea bags and a cup or two of hot water for an individual pan. A heavy load of dishes will require a dozen or so tea bags. The natural tannins in the tea are what give this method its cleaning kick!

Give Glass a Natural Sparkle

It may sound unnatural to use old tea bags for cleaning glass, but it is an effective and natural way to remove grease and fingerprints from eyeglasses, windows, and mirrors. Just rub a moist tea bag over the glass surface, and wipe clean to achieve a streak-free and naturally scented solution to this common household chore.

Freshen a Stinky Fridge

A great alternative to using baking soda to absorb unwanted odors from your fridge is to use old tea bags for this purpose. Just put a few used tea bags in a cup or small bowl and place it near the back of your refridgerator. The tea leaves will naturally absorb oders and leave a naturally fresh scent. You should replace the tea bags every few days after you enjoy a nice warm cup of tea!

Polish Leather Shoes

Do you have any old pairs of leather shoes? If so, this is yet another great use for repurposing used tea bags that were destined for the trash can. Just rub a tea bag over the leather using a circular motion. Dont be afraid to use multiple bags for this application to maximize the cleaning effects.

Shine Wood Surfaces

Guess what can give a flawless sparkling shine to hard wood surfaces? Thats right, You guessed it, Old Tea bags! Black Tea bags are the most effective for this application because of their high concentration of tanins. Just swipe a few old bags over the wood surface to bring about a glorious shine and uplifting scent. It is important for them to be slightly damp and not overly saturated with moisture to avoid damaging the wood.

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