3 Cleaning Applications for Ice Cubes

Here are 3 tips about potentially unknown benefits for utilizing Ice Cubes to Clean and address common household situations.

Prevent Fabric Stains from Setting

You may have heard about soaking a newly set stain in cold water. However, Ice Cubes are even better suited for preventing stains from setting into the garment or fabric. As soon as the stain occurs, Simply hold an ice cube over the affected area for 30 seconds or so. Another benefit to this approach is that only the affected area becomes wet instead of having to soak the entire item in cold water.

Remove Gum or Candlewax from Fabric or Carpeting

This is often referred to as "One of the Oldest Tricks in the Book". However, If you are not aware, Ice Cubes are great at assisting in thwarting a sticky mess caused by chewing gum. Just rub the affected area with an ice cube or multiple until it hardens or freezes. Then all you have to do is scrape the hardened mess of with the edge of a spoon or butter knife. This also works exceptionally well for removing candle wax also!

Revive a Sluggish Garbage Disposal

Has your Garbage Disposal seen more lively days? Well if so you guessed it, Ice Cubes to the rescue! Reduce this issue by tossing in a few ice cubes and letting the disposal rip. The cold water and ice chunks will act as an abrasive cleaner that will loosen caked-on grease within the mechanism. You can add other scented kitchen waste such as citrus rinds and old tea bags for additional degreasing power with natural scents!

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