8 Useful Dusting Tips

1. Most of the dusting can be done with microfiber cloths. This is a better dusting tool as it actually grabs the dust. It doesn’t leave lint or dust behind. Lightly spray the cloth with whatever spray you use and is required for the area/parts you’re dusting.

2. Dust each room starting with the highest area/parts in need of dusting. Work your way around the room and down to the lowest part. Make sure to vacuum when you’re done with each room.

3. Use a clean dry mop to dust the ceiling. This makes it easier to reach high and hard to reach places. Lighting fixtures can be dusted using microfiber cloths once the light is turned off.

4. Unplug any equipment that needs dusting. You can use a microfiber cloth to get most of the dust but will need a soft brush to get to the crevices. Make sure to dust the cords and vents.

5. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to get the dust from the vents.

6. Dust and/or vacuum both sides of your curtains weekly. You can wash them at least once a year. Dust blinds by closing them completely and dust horizontally starting at the top of each blind and working your way down. Reverse the blinds and repeat.

7. Pull out large appliances such as the stove and refrigerator from the wall and unplug. Use a refrigerator coil brush and vacuum to remove dust from the back and underneath the appliance.

8. Use a clean dry mop can for the baseboards. This will get the job done faster and it doesn’t require bending down.

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