Refrigerator Cleaning Throughout the Holiday Season

Refrigerators get messy and need to be cleaned out periodically, and you might notice extra refrigerator cleaning throughout the holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate, the refrigerator becomes home to more food and more leftovers. Sometimes leftovers are forgotten, and we all know things can spill! Thanksgiving gravy, juice, and a variety of other messy leftover dishes. If there are kids in your home, the likelihood of spills and messes goes up even higher! So, if it's time to clean your refrigerator and you’re wondering where to start don’t get overwhelmed. We’ll discuss a few tips. First, take a look inside the fridge, do you notice any sticky messes on the shelves, expired produce, forgotten leftovers? Everyone has those items taking up space inside their refrigerators at one point or another. Once you take out those three items, you may be surprised how much space there is or how any unpleasant smells have improved. Next, starting with the bottom shelf or drawer, you're going to want to remove each item from every level and wipe with a cleaner of your choice suitable for the task at hand, and wipe (or even scrub) clean. Starting at the bottom ensures no cleaner spray drips onto the level below. Once all shelves have been cleaner you can put the food back in. Lastly, remove all items from the door, spray, wipe or scrub and place food items back. Now you can enjoy a nice clean refrigerator. Check back for my tips on organizing items in the refrigerator.

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