5 Tips When Cleaning Your Car

We put a lot of focus on cleaning the outside of the car, maybe you even go to the car wash regularly which is great. However, do you keep the inside of the car just as clean? You spend your time inside the car, so it’s worthwhile to keep it clean and clutter free. Here are some tips to help you get and keep the inside of your car clean. 1.Use the Right Equipment - Microfiber clothes, vacuum, correct cleaning collusion (leather vs upholstery). 2. Collect the Trash - There may be a lot of trash in the car, especially if you have kids unfortunately, a few wrappers here and there can add up quickly. A good first step is removing all of the garbage. 3. Remove and Clean Floor Mats 4. Use water and ammonia free glass cleaner to clean the interior windows and mirrors 5. Remove Dashboard Dust and Clean the Center Console 6. Disinfect the steering wheel! The steering wheel can harbor more bacteria than you would think. It makes sense because we use our hands constantly, opening doors, shaking hands, touching our faces, etc. When we sit in our car, all of the germs from our hands are now on the steering wheel. Could you have shaken hands with someone who just came down with a cold? It’s better to be safe than sorry. A simple all-purpose antibacterial cleaning solution will do the trick. If you are unsure of the material of your steering wheel and which cleaning solution to use, check what the manufacturer recommends using. Once those steps have been taken you can open your car door and let out a sigh of relief and feel good while driving your clean car!

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