How to clean your microfiber furniture

First off, not all microfiber is the same. Different products need to be cleaned differently. However, one of the biggest problems with microfiber furniture is that for many (but not all) products, you can NOT just use soap and water to clean the fabric. So, before you clean, you will need to determine which type of microfiber furniture you have. You may do so by looking at a tag on the furniture that has one of the several microfiber codes marked on it. This causes potentially permanent water marks to form on the fabric. While microfiber is actually very good at repelling water for small spills, once water does soak in, you can have problems. Additionally, microfiber is very good at trapping oil, which makes it great for cleaning other things, but if you spill any kind of oil or fat onto microfiber, you will have problems.

Because microfiber is good at repelling water, water will bead up right after a spill. When this happens, you want to be careful to get as much of the spill up without having it soak into the fabric. Because of this, you want to dab with a cloth, not rub.

You need to use something that will dissolve oils (bring oil into solution) and evaporate quickly. Regular soap is good at binding to oils, but if you mix it with water, it does not evaporate quickly.

The solution is to find one of many good Microfiber Cleaning Products that are designed for dry cleaning and/or removing grease or oil. Use a product like this in small amounts, getting part of the stain out each time, while letting the fabric dry after each application.

Another thing to remember, is that Microfiber is Polyester. This means that most things that can be used to clean polyester can be used to clean microfiber. Ammonia and Alcohol. Rubbing Alcohol or clear alcohol such as vodka can be used.

One problem with microfiber is that after cleaning, the fabric can become hard. A solution to this is to gently rub the hardened portion of fabric with a soft scrub brush or old toothbrush.

To remove smells from microfiber, you can try putting baking soda over the smelly area and having it soak up any remaining liquid or odor. Products like Febreze (Sometimes misspelled as Febreeze) can be used, but you have to be careful to only get a fine mist of the product on the furniture, or else you will have dried water marks.
Before you attempt to clean your microfiber, always check in an inconspicuous place first

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