Cleaning Tips for Lazy People: Part 2

We can all use a few short cuts when cleaning your home, especially if you work a lot and do not have the time, or you just hate cleaning. Here are some helpful tips to cut corners but still get great results!

6. Invest in anti-microbial door mats, which are better at collecting dirt and dust, or better yet, adopt a no shoes policy.

7. Buy some Bissell Stomp 'N Go pads for quick clean-up on carpet spills. They are great for emergency stain removal, and you don't even have to scrub!

8. Learn to multi-task: clean the fridge out while cooking, or tidy the bathroom before hopping in the shower.

9. Put some fridge liners down, like Press 'N Seal wrap, that way you can just replace the liners instead of having to scrub down the fridge.

10. Get a pair of fuzzy socks that collect dust well and drag your feet when you walk around your house, you are basically dusting as you go without any extra effort.

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