What Can Ultra Clean Of Brevard Do For You?

With 20 years of experience Ultra Clean of Brevard, Inc. offers excellent and proficient services for residential and commercial clients. We offer personalized service knowing that every customer is not the same and have different needs. Whether you need general maintenance or specialized service, we have you covered.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

It's important to have a committed cleaning staff to take care of your janitorial needs. Our cleaning team will work to provide you with professional courteous service you can be proud of.

From office buildings to doctor offices and anything in between, a thorough commercial janitorial cleaning service is necessary. Not only to keep germs and bacteria from spreading, but also to show the cleanliness of your space! How your office or facility appears to customers, clients and the general public speaks volumes and can make the difference between those patrons or clients visiting your establishment again. Through our specialized cleaning process, a healthier environment will be achieved for not only your clients, but also your staff.

A few of the specific commercial janitorial cleaning services we offer include, but are not limited to; blind cleaning, hard surface floor care, green cleaning, grout staining, light replacement, carpet care, escalator cleaning, restroom sanitation, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, construction clean-up and more. If you would like a cleaning service you do not see on this page, don’t hesitate to contact Ultra Clean of Brevard with your questions!

Office Buildings

We know how essential it is to make a good impression. Let Ultra Clean of Brevard give your office building a professional cleaning to match your business.

Allow us to assist you in giving your employees, customer, clients and all who enter your professional office building a germ-free, dust-free and contaminant free environment. Having your office building regularly cleaned and sanitized has the potential to do a lot more than boost morale, it may also decrease employee sick days, which will only increase productivity and output for your company. A professional cleaning service for your office building will cost you upfront but in the long run, could be making you a lot more money than before!

Move-Out Cleaning

Moving to a new location can be overwhelming. We'll handle the clean-up of your space from top to bottom. Ultra Clean of Brevard handle the move out cleaning, so you can focus on what is most important, the move! Once the rooms are empty, just thinking of cleaning the entire home can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose to hire our team for your ‘move out’ clean, it may very well look better than it did when you first moved in!

Our move-out cleaning services include but are not limited to; vacuum and sweep floors, wipe down baseboard, dust, clean kitchen appliances, clean the bathrooms including scrub shower, bathtubs and toilets, and cleaning sinks and countertops throughout the home. No matter if your required to perform an easier broom-clean or have a more in depth checklist, we will help you during the stressful moving phase.

Vacation Condo Cleaning and Maintenance (common area cleaning)

Time is precious, so get the most out of your time by hiring us to tackle the cleaning and maintenance of your vacation rental or condo. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, or any of the other beautiful cities along the coast, let us help you get more out of your time here. With our help you'll be enjoying more hours relaxing or doing what you love.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Are your floors looking dirty and dingy even though you clean them regularly? It may be time to strip and re-wax. To keep your floors looking like new, we can set up a maintenance schedule to buff your floors every 2-3 months.

No matter if you have a newer floor or older, over time, it can just start to look worn, especially in high traffic areas. The floor can also show wear more rapidly if it isn’t being cleaned properly, some methods may actually be damaging the floor and the quality of the last wax. In many cases, the floor can turn greyish or yellow, which is often due to too many layers of wax. The solution is to have the floor stripped and waxed; this can assist you in returning the floor to its original form. The floor of your office or other space makes a big statement to guests, clients, customers, etc. The level of cleanliness and shine will leave someone with a good impression or a bad impression.

Terrazzo Floor Refinishing and Polishing

Ultra Clean will restore your Terrazzo floors to like new condition. All purpose household cleaners can damage your floor. Leave this job to the professionals. We will polish and protect your floor to showcase the original beauty of your Terrazo floor.

Terrazzo flooring looks like a mosaic due to it being made with chips of granite and marble that are place in concrete and then polished down. This makes these floors unique, durable and a great economical choice. From time to time, they will however need a little extra attention and care to be sure they are looking there best. Our professionals will refinish and polish your Terrazzo floor, and can remove deep stains, returning it to its unique beauty.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Does your carpet have an odor or unsightly stains? Are your couches and other upholstered furniture looking worn out? With our professional deep cleaning we'll breathe new life into your carpet of upholstery and you'll breathe a little deeper with that fresh clean smell.

Over time upholstered furniture can really look dirty, dull and worn. We can clean a variety of upholstered furniture you may have throughout your home including but not limited to; arm chairs, recliners, couches, love seats, sectionals and more. Allow Ultra Clean of Brevard to restore your upholstered furniture to its original form. The same goes for the carpeting throughout your home or business, over time, with wear and tear, the carpet can really take a beating. The level of wear also depends on who lives in the home exactly, is there a lot of children or a family pet? If so, your carpet is most likely in desperate need of a good professional deep cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a chore that most people find tedious. It's often difficult to get the inside and outside of the windows clean in the same task which takes more time out of your day. In fact, most homeowners opt to skip the process all together as streak free window cleaning is not only time consuming and difficult but can also be dangerous. Let our professional team clean your windows, which will allow you to use your time for more important tasks and will mitigate the risk of getting injured while cleaning outdoor windows. We offer full window cleaning services. Give us a call at 321-403-1761 for more details.

New Construction Cleaning

Home improvement projects can be messy. We can clean-up your construction area and reduce the stress that comes along with new construction. Ultra Clean of Brevard is here to help you keep things clean throughout the new construction process. We have the experience, and knowledge as well as the proper products and equipment to clean the space and the materials used throughout the new construction process. Some of these other companies use generic, abrasive cleaners that will only end up causing damage, a terrible set back during the new construction process. Our skilled crew is given the proper tools and products to get the job done right, ensuring your project will run on time.

person in blue work cloths using a cleaning device on the floor

To get your home or office sparkling clean and keep it free of dust, call the professionals at Ultra Clean of Brevard, Inc.321-403-1761