Cleaning/Laundering with Bleach: Tips

Most people are aware that bleach is a great stain remover and helps to brighten and whiten your laundry.

Liquid household bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) is the common, powerful bleach we normally use for laundry and household cleaning. Color-safe bleaches (or Oxygen bleaches) are much gentler and work for maintaining whiteness, but are not so great in restoring it.

Sodium Hypochlorite bleach:

- Should NOT be used on wools or silks as it can break down the fibers too easily. Be sure to check garment labels first to be sure it is safe to use this type of bleach.
- When adding to laundry in the washer, you will want to add 5 minutes after the cycle has started so that you will not destroy enzymes and whiteners in the actual detergent.
- Of course, ALWAYS read the label before use; dilute as directed.

Oxygen bleach:

- Oxygen bleaches can be used on any fabric, but you always want to check the wash labels on individual items that you may be unsure of.
- You can add directly to the wash water before the clothes are added as you will want to give it a chance to dissolve in the water first.
- Do not pour directly onto wet clothes as this can cause unwanted discoloration and break down the fibers.
- Oxygen type bleaches are more effective in warm or hot water.

REMEMBER: NEVER mix chlorine bleach with ammonia or ANYTHING containing ammonia, as this creates potentially deadly chlorine gas.

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