Remove Sticky Labels Quick & Easy!

Trying to remove the sticky labels off dishes and such can be so irritating, sometimes I don't even bother. However, recently I have found a few simple ways to do this, hassle-free:

Method 1: Use acetone. You can either soak it in acetone, or use a cotton ball, paper towel or washcloth soaked with acetone to rub the label off. Be careful though, this method may not be the best one to use for plastic or fine china, plus you may have to rub a lot.

Method 2: Olive oil works well in removing the adhesive residue, and is probably the best solution to use for fine china or anything very valuable. You will need to remove the label as much as you can first, then rub the Olive oil in well and rub off. My only issue with this method is that Olive oil is expensive, and I personally prefer to not have to scrub!

Method 3: I have heard that Goo Gone works well on labels as well, but I have not personally tried this myself. However, if you would like to give it a go, spray it on the label, let it sit for a few minutes, then take the label off. It should peel off easily with all of the adhesive on the label and not on your item.

Method 4: This is MY FAVORITE, SCRUB-FREE method. Fill you sink, bucket or bowl with warm water and add a scoop of OXI-CLEAN. Place all the items in the solution and let sit for about 30 minutes; you will see all the labels magically float to the top of the water! Then just put them in the dishwasher as normal (to rinse off the Oxi-clean) and voila, perfectly clean dishes with no sticky residue!

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