Clean AND Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal All-in-one

Most people know that lemons will freshen your stinky garbage disposal, and that ice sharpens the blades, but have you thought about combining them?

Here is what you will need: water, vinegar, lemons, and an ice tray.

Step 1: Mix a solution of 8:1, water:vinegar.

Step 2: Cut up a lemon into small pieces that will fit in each individual ice slot in the ice tray. Be sure there is some of the rind on each of the lemon pieces, since that is what really helps with bad odors.

Step 3: Drop a piece of the lemon into each ice slot, then cover with the vinegar and water solution, and leave the solution to freeze in your freezer.

Step 4: Remove the tray of frozen ice cubes and drop a few down into your garbage disposal.

Step 5: Run your garbage disposal, making sure to have some water from the faucet running along with it to help wash down the bits of food and debris that may be lodged in the garbage disposal. Be sure to COMPLETELY grind up the ice cubes.

Note: You may want to write on the ice tray with a Sharpie, labeling the tray as "garbage disposal" or "vinegar" to be sure that someone doesn't accidentally use any of it in their drink!

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