Spring cleaning means it's time to declutter

Spring is almost here. It's time to start cleaning out closets and clearing out the clutter. To have a clutter free home you'll need to embrace the old adage, "A place for everything and everything in its place." This simple method will get you off to a great start decluttering your home.

Sort all your clutter into four categories: Trash, Donate, Keep, and Undecided.

1.Trash:Rather than making a "Trash" pile you might as well get a trash can or bag for easy removal when you finish the decluttering process. Be sure to toss out items that cannot be used in their current state or repaired or repurposed. If you have a lot of items that you're holding on to that need to be repaired than you might want to think about the space these items take up and the amount of time it will take to repair them. Be realistic, do you have the extra space or time to justify keeping these items? If not then it's time to discard them.

2.Donate:Place items you no longer want or need into a "Donate" pile. Letting go of cherished items can be hard. I like to think that by donating those items, I'm giving others the chance to enjoy them as much as I did. Just be sure to plan a stop to your local consignment, thrift shop or charity. Planning the trip will prevent donations from piling up in your home. For large items call your local non-profit thrift stores as they sometimes offer pick-up of your items.

3.Keep:The next step is to put all the items you placed in the "Keep" pile back where they belong. If they don't have a place to put them away then you will need to assign a location in your home to store them away when they're not being used. It's time to apply that adage, otherwise the clutter will return.

4.Undecided:We all have those items that we hold on to just in case. You never know when you might need something which is why it's sometimes hard to know if you should keep an item or get rid of it. A simple test will determine if an item should be kept or tossed. Place all of those "Undecided" items into a storage container or unused drawer for six months. Any items you retrieve before that time can be relocated to a more permanent storage location and those items not used in six months can now safely be tossed or donated.

Taking time to declutter your rooms before you begin cleaning will save you time in the long run. Fewer items mean less mess and your home will feel more open and fresh just in time for spring.

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