How to Deep Clean a Toilet

I wanted to share a tip that might help you clean your toilets.

I start by getting all my supplies and tools together. These include 2 toliet brushes, clean rags, a cleaner with bleach, broom & dustpan and mop and bucket.

First sweep up the bathroom floors and remove everything from on or around the toilet.

I then designate one toilet brush for inside the toilet and one for outside. This way I can scrub the toilet from top to bottom with a brush.

Make a cleaning solution in the bucket. I use a Clorox bathroom cleaner with bleach to ensure I kill the germs.

I then take my outside toilet brush and begin scrubbing the outside, top and bottom of the toilet cleaning my brush in the cleaning solution. I make sure this brush is responsible for cleaning the floor around my toilet too!

I switch to the inside toilet brush to clean the bowl.

Once everything looks nice and shiny, I finish the bathroom off by mopping the floors. If you want to make your bathroom floors really sparkle, try mop and glow once the bleach solution has dried.

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