A Checklist of things to Clean Before Holiday Guests Arrive

This time of year can be stressful for so many different reasons I'm sure you can already imagine a few of them. This is the season to be happy though and enjoy being with family. So, here a simple checklist to help with one issue that can cause stress (but doesn't have to)… cleaning the house before the guests arrive and making sure you prepared well.

Ok, so after you've cleaned your entire home, you'll want to review a check list of a few other things that are important to have done before guests come.

• Guest Rooms- Be sure the guest rooms are spotless. Wipe away dust, change the bedding and leave a clean set of towels at the foot of the bed.

• Guest Bathroom- Besides obviously making sure the shower, countertops, mirror and toilet is clean, make sure you leave a clean set of towels and fresh soap for any guests.

• Prepare the Dining Area – First about 4 days in advance you'll want to have a final count of guests coming so you can get out the table settings and make sure you have enough to accommodate all guest, get anything you need a few days in advance so you are not running around at the last minute. Secondly, you may want to check (or double check) any table cloths or table linens so stains you may have missed, again do this about 3 days in advance. Checking this in advance will allow you the proper time to launder and iron, if needed. In addition to the above to items, if you are really looking to impress family and guests, don't forget to polish the silverware.

• Setting the table. This is something I recommend before hosting any gathering in your home. Not only because it will be one less thing to do the day of the gathering but when guests walk in and see such a beautiful display, it's quite warming, inviting and elegant.

After sharing a great meal, there's one thing left to do besides spending time with family and friends. It's one thing we sometimes dread…the cleanup. One things you can do (that can easily be forgotten) is to be sure the dishwasher is empty. So instead of bringing all of the dishes into the kitchen and having to put the clean dishes away first, you will be able to put the dirty dishes right into the dishwasher. This ultimately save you more time than you realize. More time for you to enjoy with your loved ones this holiday season. Enjoy! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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