Dog Lovers Tips to Keeping Your Home Clean

As a dog lover, you know how messy our little 4 legged babies can be. Here are some tips to keep your home clean even with the never-ending hair and smells that come with having a dog in the family.

Groom your dog weekly to prevent furry tumbleweeds. Bring your fur baby outside and give him/her a good brushing to remove all that loose fur. This simple step will make your dog feel and look better and lesson the amount of hair collected on your floors furniture and clothing.

Even though grooming will help, you will still have loose hair around the house to clean up. Vacuum daily and remember to replace filters and empty bags or canisters so that your vacuum suction is strong. A wet mop for solid floor surfaces will pull dog hair up with ease, for furniture, wet dusting with the appropriate furniture spray will make that fur disappear.

Another doggy mess comes from eating. Using a slip resistant, water absorbent mat under your dog's dishes will keep the area dry. Wash out dishes regularly.

Keep dogs from tracking in dirt and mud by having mats on the inside and outside of entrances. Try to get your dog in the habit of waiting on the mat before walking inside. This way you can wipe of his/her paws before they come in. Regular baby wipes work just as well as wipes sold specifically for dogs.

Wash bedding regularly to keep your home from smelling like a wet dog. Since dogs have a strong sense of smell it's best to wash these items in a fragrance-free detergent or simply baking soda and hot water should do the job. Skip the fabric softener which can cause a dog's sensitive skin to become irritated.

Regular bathing will help with doggy odors but checkups from a reputable vet should be part of your annual routine. Many dog smells can be a sign of an underlying health problem requiring special medicine or treatment.

We love our fur babies even if we have more cleaning to do. If keeping up with your home is too much we can help. Give us a call Today!

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