Cleaning up Mud Stains After the Kids Tracked it in

In my house, I always try to remind the kids to take their shoes off at the door before coming in with dirty shoes. If you've ever had kids in your home (or even some adults) you know that sometimes they listen…and sometimes they do not! So, if you have a carpet that has a mud stain, here are a few tips to help clean the carpet and blast away that mud stain!

First off, you'll want to actually let the mud dry first…a common misconception is trying to remove the mud while it is still wet, this will only make more of a mess. Once the mud has dried you can start by vacuuming it up – do this slowly. Vacuum this area longer than usual, about 3-4 times longer. After removing as much of the dried dirt as possible you're ready to move on to the next step.

You'll want to use a detergent solution after you have finished vacuuming. I'll mix about 1 teaspoon of dish washing detergent into a cup or cup and half of warm water. Use a cloth, preferably a light-colored cloth (so you can see the dirt coming up) to blot the area where the mud is. Continue on with this process until the stain is completely gone, it should do the trick.

Occasionally if the stain is very severe it may not all come up. I would try this process on more time with a cleaning tool like a soft bristle brush instead of a cloth, if that still doesn't work you may want to get the carpet professionally cleaned.

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