Best Way to Clean the Refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator should be done every few months. Things spill in the refrigerator and over time leave hardened messes on the shelves and sometimes unpleasant odors depending on what you have spilled. Here a few quick tips to assist you in cleaning the refrigerator:

1.Start by removing all of the food from the refrigerator, or you can remove the food shelf by shelf and just clean that specific area if you are worried about food spoiling.

2.Next, remove any drawers and shelves and let them soak in luke warm water, mix with a light cleaning solution of dish soap will work perfectly. This is important especially if the shelf or drawer you removed has stains on it, hardened food or spills.

3.Use a cleaning solution or a mixture of dish washing soap and warm water to wipe the interior of the fridge. It may even be helpful to use a small bristle brush to get in the tiny cervices of the fridge, especially is something spilled there. If you use any cleaning solutions, always be sure to properly follow the instructions with care.
Enjoy a clean, stain free, odor free refrigerator. It makes a huge difference!

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