Getting the Table Umbrella Cleaned for Summer

Outdoor umbrellas, whether used atop a table or for the beach, can accumulate more dust than you may think. Dusting and refreshing the umbrella can make more of a difference than you may think. When things are clean and refreshed, they can improve the ambiance of the area. If you had your umbrella put away and sitting in your garage it may even have mold if you closed it while it was wet. The good news is, most outdoor furniture is easily cleaned with warm water and dish soap. So, we recommend to stand the umbrella in the upright position but to have it folded down. If not folded down, it could blow away and you can risk hurting yourself. - Use warm water, dish-soap and a soft bristle brush to run along the fabric in a circular motion. - If there are any mold spots you can use the same solution and brush however, add a small amount of bleach to kill the mold. - Once the brushing is complete, thoroughly rinse and allow it to air dry in the sun. After that, your umbrella is ready to go on top of your outdoor table or be used for those long beach days with family and friends! Happy Summer!

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